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07-09-2017, 01:38 PM
OK, so we know that Speedsters assembled at the Vernon plant typically (if not always) came with the gold "President" scripts installed on the rear fenders, in addition to the "Speedster" scripts. Do any of the many with a lot more knowledge than I actually know why?


Sorry if this has been addressed. Doing a search for "President" or "Speedster" is overwhelming.

Speedsters have always (since '55) grabbed my attention. In late summer of '58 my family relocated from the Midwest to LA area, taking me without warning from a pleasant regional high school of 300 to a barbed-wire fenced West LA campus (gulag) of 3000. I noticed an occasional Speedster around LA or Santa Monica, every one with that extra script. No Speedster suffers lack of ornamentation. First assumption was that the owners did it. There had always been rumors that Southern Californians were cultural barbarians (untrue, mostly). But there have been known lapses in taste. Ever see in your neighborhood a seventies or eighties S-Class Benz encrusted with gold-plated emblems and crowned with grotesque gold wheel arch moldings, driven by a guy with gold chains? How many Deloreans in your block? I rest my case.

I've settled happily into the less glitzy ZIP codes of SoCal over these past 59 years. But I still wonder why the added script was installed. I've wondered if the K bodies already in the pipeline to LA might have had the mounting holes pre-tapped. But that's merely another guess. Was it just one more way in which the Vernon operation marched to a different drum?