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06-04-2017, 08:54 PM
I persuaded a few Stude owners to come, but unfortunately the guy with the Avanti cancelled at the last minute, and there was no time to find a replacement. Kenny Durkee's (actually Kathy's) 57 Hawk won a top level award, Sonny Wisner's 55 coupe got an award, not bad for a car that has been driven regularly since 1990. It has Corvette suspension front and rear, a 500 Cad motor and makes about 700 hp with the nitrous on. It will pass just about anything on the road except a gas station. My friends Tom and Janet Cathcart got the grand champion award for their 1950 Olds Convertible.

After the show we adjourned to my place for a barbecue. I tried to have everyone entertained - even provided a large piece of playgound equipment for the kids. Everyone saw John's RX-7 drift/trackday car, which I painted a couple of weeks ago, and Sean O'Brien's Porsche 908 replica project, which I will probably be spreading Bondo on for the next couple of weeks. The Nova was one of those cars damaged in some flooding on the East coast a few years ago. Our friend Crag bought the car, Sean completely disassembled the car, rewired it, and installed a serious big block motor, I think it is a 488 (obviously a 454 would not be big enough). Craig also brought his 944 race car, which Sean built several years ago. More recently, Craig has raced a 968 racer which Sean built, but it is too radical for driving on the street.

I really know how to give a party - I just invite the right people and they pitch in, do all the food prep and cooking while I drink wine and "supervise".
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06-05-2017, 04:03 AM
I've never heard of your event, so I'm obviously not among the "right people."