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05-31-2017, 01:10 AM
The Great Mouse Adventure
A true story by Dan Sallia (SilverHawkDan)

It all began innocently enough but ended up in the murder of two and the displacement of one and the loss of the home for the one left behind. Yes, I separated a family and killed two family members in cold blood. Or should I say warm soda. If you might be offended by rodents being mistreated you might not want to read this. All the events in this story are true and represent real rodents and people.

Several months ago I set a goal to attend the Studebaker gathering at La Palma Park in Anaheim, California. The plan was to get my car as close to finished as possible and then take it to the show and just show all the custom work that has been done to the car over the last year. I also decided to take and hopefully sell a large amount of Studebaker parts that were sitting outside and not faring well. I figured that since I was not going to be using them someone could benefit from them and save them from returning to nature.

This past Memorial weekend I finished the work I could on the car and was ready to load it on the trailer when I learned the trailer I planned to borrow was not available. Since I had already loaded some of the parts into my SUV I decided to just load the rest of the parts and take them to the show. As I was loading the parts a mouse suddenly appeared and I was able to sweep him off the parts and onto the ground (yes, I had gloves on). My wife and I left at 5 PM and drove the three hours just to get lost due to bad directions on Google. We finally arrived at the hotel at 10:30PM.

The next morning my wife and I drove to breakfast and then on to the show. Shortly after arriving I found a guy (thank you John) who was willing to buy my entire inventory of parts at greatly discounted price and relieve me of the burden of sitting there and trying to sell them all day long. I was now free to just enjoy the show and my friends. I decided to help John’s son unload the truck. As I was taking parts boxes off the back seat area a mouse suddenly apeared. My gloves were right there so I slipped one on and lifting the seat the mouse appeared and I grabbed him or her flinging them out the door onto the grass of the park. In my focus on the mouse I didn’t notice that a man pushing a stroller was just going by the door and the mouse suddenly appeared flying across the air and landing a few feet in front of them. He flinched and then gave me a “what the heck was that” look and proceeded on his way. That made two mice and I began to wonder, could there be more?

After a great but short day we headed home unaware that we had some stowaways. The next morning my wife got in the truck and I was at the back rearranging things to make room for a Harbor Freight purchase we had been planning for a month. Suddenly my wife yelled “OH gross, ewwwwwwwwwww” and jumped out of the truck. She told me that the top of the soda cup I had left in the truck overnight had a hole eaten in it and when she looked inside the cup there was a dead mouse floating in the soda. I removed the cup and set it on the retaining wall next to the truck figuring to throw it in the trash when we returned. We then drove block away to the local gas station to get coffee and a fresh soda. As we drove there we noticed that a mouse had left us little black presents around the console and on the floor mats. We began to clean up the droppings being careful not to come in contact with them. I opened the back hatch to get some paper towels only to discover that the mouse had found them first and had made a nest using the paper towels. As I was staring at the nibbled towel roll and telling my wife about the new discovery a mouse suddenly appeared and just as quickly disappeared.

We began a frantic search and destroy mission but failed to find the mouse. We must have been quite a sight to the people at the gas station (a very busy place that morning) as we took everything out of the truck in an effort to find the rodent. We were hoping the mouse had jumped out of the truck but knew that was probably not the case. I got out my flashlight and looked under the seats and dash but no mouse. So we carefully inspected each and every box and crate and package and bag before we put them back in the truck to make sure we were not putting more than we wanted into the truck. The rest of the day we opened every door looking for our enemy each time we got in the truck. But despite our best efforts, no mouse in sight. Just as an experiment I made sure to leave a half full cup of soda in the truck hoping that if they were still in there I might get lucky again.

The next morning I went down to move my truck and as I got to the bottom of the stairs I noticed that the straw was not in the top of the cup and there was a hole eaten in the lid. Sure enough when I looked inside I could see a little mouse snout poking out of the soda. Mission accomplished!

So in summary! The first mouse lost its home which is now in Arizona I presume. The second mouse is now living in La Palm Park in Anaheim. The third and fourth mouse drowned in soda cups. And I might have just invented a very cheap and rather effective way to kill a mouse and not have to see the body or touch a trap. You just throw the cup away when the job is done. So if you want to keep mice out of your garage and projects I recommend you place a half full cup of soda in a fixture that will keep it from tipping over and just wait for the straw to be gone and the lid to have a hole eaten in it and the deed will be done.

Whoever said that owning a Studebaker was boring just didn’t know what they were missing. Owning and building one is exciting in many ways but so far nothing compares to the Great Mouse Adventure.

05-31-2017, 10:54 AM
I was talking to a man about his 2R pickup when a mouse ran across the top of the firewall and disappeared in a hole. He said he had been after it for several days. He could have used this trick.

05-31-2017, 06:36 PM
When in High School ( many years ago) one of my buddies drove a very nice two tone green 1941 Chevrolet coupe.
I always admired that car despite the stick in a pail of concrete shifter. After graduation he stored the car in a barn by a soy bean field. He finally agreed to sell the car to me and I brought it home.
Well, it was a mouse hotel, mice and soy bean residue in the dash board, headliner, seats, doors, and they had even stuffed the muffler so full the engine wouldn't keep running. The mice also seemed to enjoy munching on the gear shift knob as well the radio knob and buttons.

05-31-2017, 08:44 PM
At one time I had a 2R10 pickup, I backed it out of the barn and had a 2' black snake slither out of the cutout for the 4 speed shifter.

Bob Bryant
06-01-2017, 02:39 AM
When I was around 5-6 years of age my dad and I were at his aunt's farm. She had a Model T Ford truck sitting in an out-building. When my father turned the crank attempting to start it, a mouse ran out of the engine compartment. Looking for cover it ran up the pant-leg of my dad's bib over-alls. He performed an unscheduled dance!

t walgamuth
06-01-2017, 06:57 AM
Whatever it takes to kill them is ok with me. I'd never relocate them.