View Full Version : 1951 Champion 2 Door with Overdrive

05-29-2017, 01:34 AM
Just saw this on Craigslist. Too bad he doesn't show the interior.


05-29-2017, 01:45 AM
Seems like a lot of money for a car that doesn't run, has no title, and not even keys.

05-29-2017, 02:04 AM
Ah, snow tires! Boy does that take me back to my youth in the frozen Northland. Every old beater had a set of snow tires on it. :)

It's got an overdrive, too.

05-29-2017, 08:24 AM
Looks like the same car that was just for sale for 1500 in another Wi. craigslist post!

05-29-2017, 08:50 AM
Well, (quoting the ad)..." Looking for $2,900 or any reasonable offer..." quickly indicates the seller is willing to negotiate. For me, the "no title" issue is a "deal killer," from the outset. I'm so reluctant to enter into the possible "twilight zone" of bureaucratic entanglement with any government agency (repository for the incompetent) I'd pass even if the car were offered for free. But for those of you so inclined, it does look like a restorable sedan. The statement, "worth more in parts," is nothing more than sales "puffery." In reality, reducing the car to its parts, would take lots of labor, and time, to dismantle, clean, advertise, package, ship, and then collect the money. Apparently the seller is not aware of how much resources are still out there with vendors who already have parts available. Besides, the missing title, rusted floors, etc., it is a sure bet the wiring harness would need replacing.

If you enjoy the "art of the deal," this could present a great opportunity for some fun, friendly, negotiating banter. Otherwise, be patient and watch for future "price reduced" ads. Of course, you always run the risk of someone coming along, awash with cash, plunking down the dollars to haul the car off into "hotrod land."

05-29-2017, 08:57 AM
I wonder what a "furry" headliner is? :o