View Full Version : Soap Box Derby, anyone?

Andy R.
05-01-2017, 02:47 AM
So the good folks at the Silicon Valley Soap Box Derby Association helped me inch toward one of my bucket list items a couple weeks ago - getting my kid excited about Derby racing!

Clearly aerodynamics are not his first priority yet.

My Dad and I became so close building and racing these back in the day. Hardly ever won, let alone making it to Akron, but gave a huge sense of accomplishment and shared responsibility - don't all 12 year-olds know how to mix and lay fiberglass?

Any former Soap Box Derby racers out there?

05-01-2017, 03:10 PM
I never competed in soapbox racing, but I would have wanted to. Back in 1967 I was a 10 year old kid. I had moved from N.J. to Calif. when my parents divorced. I was a lost soul not fitting in. My 5th grade class had a requirement to read 6 books a semester. Scanning the shelf I found a book with an odd title, but an intriguing cover. It was titled "Screwball" and had an illustration of soap box racers on the cover. I became immersed in the book. The story of a boy about my age, a polio victim that left him challenge athletically. Ironic that he too didn't "fit in." The story revolves around him building his racer and competing with it. For anyone who had those boyhood dreams it is a must read.

Screwball by Alberta Armer. There are lots of places on the internet selling it for under $5. Andy, you might have your son read this story. I found lots of motivation in it.