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Bob Henning
04-22-2017, 02:19 PM
We will have ample room for folks with Car Haulers. Car Haulers will be put in the west parking lot on the south side. If you attended the 2012 Meet, its the same place as last time. Those of you that signed up to bring a Car Hauler, we will start on Monday and Tuesday to have the area open for early arrivals with Car Haulers. Car Haulers will be entering on Monday and Tuesday through Gate 5. This is on Jackson Road. Gate 4 will be closed Monday and Tuesday. Beginning Wednesday all vehicles with car haulers will go in the main entrance, Gate 4, and follow the signs to the Car Hauling area. Again, trailers are to be put along the south fence in the west parking lot. We will go as far as possible to the west, and then begin a second row. This is done so that we do not interfere with the placing of cars during the Saturday show. For those people that want to drive their car back to the trailer after 5, Gate 5 will be opened, and will remain open until 8 pm or so. This will give you access to your trailer and allow you to drive around town. We will probably have the gates open a little later on Friday night since we are all going downtown for the First Friday Cruise in. Rule of thumb is if its getting dark bring your vehicle back. Thanks for taking the time for bringing your vehicle.

Please note:

There are no car haulers allowed in the camping area. This is for insurance purposes, and so that there are no accidents. Campers that bring a car hauler will have access to their trailer 24/7.

Any questions, and there will be, please ask.

04-22-2017, 08:00 PM
:) Thanks for this posting, Bob. I'll be hauling The Stude Tomato :woot: to South Bend for Ted Harbit to display and was about to inquire about trailer parking provisions for the week.

'Ran off a copy of this and put it in my truck, since Ted and I will be arriving early Wednesday afternoon if all goes as planned. :!: See you soon. :cool: BP

Bob Henning
04-23-2017, 01:48 PM
Thanks Bob. Look forward to seeing you both. Drive safe.