View Full Version : 2017 Car Corral

Bob Henning
04-22-2017, 08:42 AM
If you would like to sell a vehicle at the 2017 Studebaker Convention, you will need to register it at the Registration Desk, put the pass in the front on the dash so it can be seen. The Car Corral will be in the same place as 2012, which is directly east of the bleachers in the grassy area. We ask the following:

1. Put a placard on the dash or wiper with details of the car.
2. Put a price.
3. Most importantly, put your phone number. You would be surprised how many don't
(I concluded after many meets that someone's wife told them to sell it and they didn't want to, so they
didn't put a number)
4. On Saturday, our really big day, if its nice and not windy, put the hood up.

Lastly, if you don't have a pass on your car indicating that you have paid, I or someone will be calling you. If you don't get one, I will have the vehicle towed. Sorry to be strict, but we usually have over 40 cars there and its not fair to the other people that have paid.