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04-18-2017, 10:20 AM
This may have been discussed before and I missed it, but there is a cute T cab on Ebay right now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1962-Studebaker-Champion-Truck-/182534375409?hash=item2a7fe587f1:g:rCQAAOSw03lY5n9c&vxp=mtr With a bit of finishing, this truck would be a really sharp piece. The engine bay needs something and I would have to lose the wing and do something about the fuel tank, but overall, I like it. Comments?

04-18-2017, 10:46 AM
I like it too! It seems to be priced about 6 thousand too much though.

Chris Pile
04-18-2017, 10:55 AM
It's got a great stance!

04-18-2017, 10:56 AM
Well...I always wonder why someone would put so much time and effort into a project and turn around and sell it unless there was some serious unforeseen problem that caused the "Reality" of the machine to be much less fun than the "Dream" (or idea). I know some of us get very upset when we criticize these creations, but merely blasting out effusive praise could be a disservice to fellow fans.

Personally, I like the little Lark Tub. It is "cute." Given a good shiny paint job, it would be "Eye Popping." But, for the reality, it is obviously a "fair weather" cruise-in machine. No heater, no wipers, and probably a "sweat box" even with the windows down. Anyone with experience driving a Jeep CJ5 with the heavy 304 V8 engine (instead of the 6) knows how dangerous such a short wheel base vehicle can be on the road. The ad says "three core radiator," but does it really cool in hot weather? Besides the radiator cores, the manner of how the air flows is as important for heat exchange.

There's probably a dozen other items that would need to be examined before even considering the initial asking bid. For me, unless an up close inspection and test drive...a $3000 toy at best.

04-18-2017, 12:52 PM
To me a "truck" like this would be like a T bucket. Not an every day vehicle, but something to take for a spin on a nice day or to a cruise in. Not much different than how many people use their Studebakers even though some have air conditioning and other comforts.
In any case, I won't be bidding on the truck. I just like the "attitude". ;)

04-18-2017, 06:13 PM
Kinda cute but I would have a different vision for the final product. It does seem like a lot of money though, unless you like it like it is.

04-19-2017, 09:06 AM
Love the concept of the box...I wish Studebaker did this (in standard wheelbase) instead plopping that Dodge box on it's Champs. cheers, junior

04-19-2017, 10:16 AM
I'm with Junior--- I think this is almost as good as the P2 box, neither looks like they belong but maybe that's what he had to work with!

04-19-2017, 11:57 AM
This really looks like the back half of a Lark. Since there's no gas filler door there anymore, if it were mine, I would be tempted to make a functional tailgate. At the same time, I would be exploring a more safer, durable, and cosmetically pleasing option for a fuel supply. A functional tailgate would render it more "user friendly" for a place to sit at gatherings, and add an easier access to a cooler and picnic supplies.

I have seen some pretty nice "Utes" built from Lark sedans, and this shortened little tub fits within the concept. I have always thought that the Lark rear design could have been incorporated into a good looking truck bed with a functional tailgate. Just because I have cautions about this build, does not mean it lacks potential. However, for me, it is short (pun intended) of where I would like to take it.

Remember the Subaru Brat? I suggest whoever gets this one, and finishes it up, could call it the "STUDEBAKER RASCAL!":)

04-19-2017, 04:23 PM
The back half of a Lark wagon would be a good place to start if you had one that could be sacrificed. :o

04-19-2017, 11:50 PM
I like it But than I'm a hot rodder. Shows what crazy poeple dream about.

04-20-2017, 02:37 AM
Looks like an expensive can of worms to me.

04-20-2017, 03:04 AM
52- fan the lark wagon two door makes a much nicer box and it fits right and looks good and is use-able. It's my plan for a champ bucket of parts I have if I ever find a rough two door wagon. I would hate to cut up a nice car.

t walgamuth
04-20-2017, 06:39 AM
I like the proportions of the Yellow one better, but, hey, the black one looks fun. Its probably a longer wheelbase than a Miata and they are very fun to drive.